For sale

Like many hams, I tend to aquire more gear than I can operate, much less find room for. So, here goes.

Anything I put up for sale is fully operational, and was on the air in the last few months. Please email me at if you have questions or offers.

Elecraft K3S with accessories.

I bought this the day I finished radiation treatments as a little gift to myself. It is a very fine station and I’ve works a lot of people with it. It has been replaced by a K4.

A few years ago I sent the K3S back to the factory for low RF output and they replaced the RF deck and it’s been giving me a full 100 watts ever since. While there they did a full heck out and alighnment. The radio has the second receiver and ATU. I’ve included the original receipts so you can see the lineup of what is in it.

I have a ton of cables and all of the manuals. Because I got them as kits, there are additional manuals that might come in handy if one wanted to dig into the radio deeper than just taking the covers off. There are a few scratches on the side of one speaker and the P3 scope because of the handle on the K3S. I’ve since removed the handle but I have it to include with the radio. Otherwise, they are in great shape.

I’m selling the K3S, P3, and both matching speakers for $3200 plus shipping. I’m in Arizona and could drive half way if only a few hundred miles.

Again, let me know if you have any questions.