Remote Keyer

November 11, 2023

This keyer is designed to work with paddles to key a local transmitter directly or, send the characters out of the USB port to use with remote systems such as and If you are one of those hams that can send Morse at 40wpm but hunts and pecks on the keyboard, consider that you can use this to type emails or any kind of text just like you were using a keyboard, but using your paddles!!

I’ve been asked lately if it can work with a hand key or a bug. It can’t, sorry. It requires the keyer paddles to be able to determine what letter was just sent. It’s a computer thing.

Since I started operating remotely from time to time, using, I’ve wanted to be able to use paddles to operate CW. I love the system, it uses NO ports on the router, and the uptime has always been 100% from what I can tell. Marcus has done a great job, and it keeps getting better.

So, Marcus and I have been playing with a certain Arduino that can output text out of the USB port and act like a keyboard when you send CW! So, I designed a board, and he changed the K3NG Keyer software to include a tuning knob and a PTT for his remote system.

The boards came out clean and fully functional.  To keep the costs down, I designed a 3D-printed box for it. Not as fancy as a nice metal box but operational. I’m looking at upgrades for my drill press so I can drill holes with some kind of class and have them come out straight. Once I do that, there will be two versions.

The board was designed to slide into a very common 80x100mm box.

So, enjoy the videos of the development.

Youtube #1. Youtube #2.  Youtube #3.


Arduino code


3D printer file for the case

Gerber file┬áif you want to make your own board – I have plenty if you want just the board. $15 shipped US. Just email me.

I have decided to only release these as a limited kit. The board and the Arduino. I’ll include the front buttons and jacks for the back since the board is designed for those exact versions. And the Arduino socket. I’ll be putting together a simple manual and including it here. When I’m ready with everything, I’ll post the price here. I expect it to be under $75 shipped.

Until then, if you have any questions, feel free to message me at

The same address works for Paypal. If you have Venmo, I’m @Dave-Kelley-12 (they don’t take a cut yet, so it’s preferred)

73 and enjoy!!

Dave, AI7R