Remote Keyer

February 21st, 2024

Operating remote is a growing trend on Amateur Radio.  Reasons are many.  From local noise, to living in an HOA, to just getting back into your home station from work or vacation spot.  Whatever the reason, CW operators are often forced to fill in a box on a screen to have it remotely sent as CW.  Most CW operators love the feel of the key and would much rather use a key remotely.  I’m one of those and this is a solution to that problem.  This keyer will allow you to fill in that text box, but do it with your paddles instead of typing!

It you are using a remote program that runs on your PC, Mac, or Phone, the keyer should work fine.  It is just like a keyboard to your device.


Although this keyer’s paddle to text function will work with any remote program, this keyer is specially designed to be used with the remote control system as it incorporates the VFO and PTT as well as the K3NG based keyer that outputs characters through the USB port. It also has a keyed output for using local radio keying when you aren’t running remote. 

I’ve been asked lately if it can work with a hand key or a bug. It can’t, sorry. It requires the keyer paddles to be able to determine what letter was just sent. It’s a computer thing.

Since I started operating remotely using, I’ve wanted to be able to use paddles to operate CW. I love the system, it uses NO ports on the router, and the uptime has always been 100% from what I can tell. Marcus has done a great job, and it keeps getting better.

Because this works just like a keyboard, it will work on ANY system that you would normally use a keyboard to enter the characters you want sent. With this keyer, you send the code and it types it in the text box for you as if you typed it. Even if you use a different program for remote control.

This is a peek under the hood.

Every unit is tested 100% before shipping.

The price is $179 for the complete keyer in a cabinet and cable. That includes shipping to contenental USA.

If you are in the USA simply Paypal $179 to and I’ll get a RemoteKeyer on the way to you.

If you are not in the USA, email me first and I’ll let you know what the price is with added postage. Please note that keyers simulate US keyboards so you’ll need to be computer savy enough to have you’d computer select it AS A U.S. KEYBOARD if you normally use a different language specific setup on your computer. Feel free to email me if you aren’t sure.


So, enjoy the videos of the early development.

The breadboard test – 2021

First version board demonstration – 2022

For a limited time…

I have some populated boards with a programed Arduino that works exactly like the finished edition. The difference is, you get to put it in your own box. Paypal a total of $70 for USA purchase. Postage is paid.

Bare board version – limited to stock on hand – $70

73 and enjoy!!

Dave, AI7R